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15 February 2009 @ 10:26 pm
Though I'm a huge fan of anime and Japan, I was never fond of watching jdramas before.... Not until then that i've noticed lately I've enjoyed watching it.... And now I am into this!!!(^_^) First, I was done with Team Batista no eiko, now Rookies and after this I am planning to watch Hana Kimi, Tenchijin, Delicious Gakuin and many many more!!!!hahaha.... I definitely enjoy jdramas especially when Yuu Shirota-san is on it....(^o~) hmmmm..... now it makes me think about  "I want to be an actress in Japan someday"....lol  And my leading man is none other than Yuu Shirota-san....I'll be the one who will write the story and direct on my own....(^_~)...lol..I think it's too early to dream...hahaha ja ne! oyasumi nasai....(^O^)/
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13 February 2009 @ 12:56 pm
Tonight will be our prom night and sad to say that I won't be able to attend...So from the bottom of my heart, I am sorry prom partner!!!!! I don't intend that you will be alone marching on a red carpet without me....=(  I'm just hoping you will find someone  to be your partner....  I don't know how can I face him after the prom to say sorry.....My conscience keep on bothering me these days......HONTO GOMEN!!!!!!!
There he is...
The one that makes my heart beats a little faster
Everytime he comes my way
There he is...
The one with a smile that melts everything,
and brings my world, a season of spring
There he is...
The one who feeds my soul with great happiness
and devours my shadow of sadness
The one who takes my breath away
whenever his eyes lay on mine
There he is...
My prince who protects me with his sword
and takes me to his wonderful kingdom
where we live happily ever after
There he is...
The one that makes the wind sings a soft serenade
and whose perfection conquers my heart
There he is..
The one that tickles me whenever I heard
the calmness of his benevolent voice
Whose voice just like an angel's that gently
whispheres my ears
There he is...
The one whom I'm afraid to touch and to lose,
standing infront of my very eyes
Whom I'm ever afraid of saying....
"There you are...the love of my life..."

Oyasumi nasai....

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09 February 2009 @ 03:00 pm
I think I got a big problem.... Our teacher got mad at those who were absent, late and suspended last friday... and I was one of the absentees....Almost half of the class were not on her class that's why she called our attentions this morning at the office...We were reprimanded for not being present on her subject... And the worst of all, we would get further notice regarding this and we will probably called by the assistant principal... such a terrible fate isn't it?...This is the first time my attention was being called...that's why I don't like school..I'm so tired of everything as a student.... I'm so tired of those responsibilities my parents keep on saying..I know to show them a better performance at school is the only thing I could do to make them happy... But sometimes I can't take it...thinking that I will fail their expectations gives a burden inside me....but I have to stay strong...I don't know what tomorrow brings but I have to face this, ne?I have no choice either...
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07 February 2009 @ 01:01 am
I'd just watch team batista and I can say that Shirota has a good image for a doctor...I really didn't expect that he was the suspect behind those deaths of batista patients though... it was somehow sentimental when he was about to commit suicide but thanks to Taguchi sensei he'd change his mind....But there's someone threw him off the roof of the building....geez what a story...But it's kinda exciting and thrilling to know the other suspect that shirota failed to admit... But it was sad that I couldn't see shirota in the next episodes anymore...damn suspect! That's why I need to continue the episodes..it's getting more exciting and thanks to this drama I have now the knowledge of the so called "batista"....I really didn't have an idea what was it all about at first...Because the Batista I knew is the Batista on wrestling..lol.. I recommend this to all who has an ambition to be a doctor someday...

I'm not certain if these were golf balls...who can count ?guess?^^
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05 February 2009 @ 10:04 pm
finally examination was over...  the past six days of studying really made me feel sick ..It was totally exhausting... With pile of books to study, terms to memorize and of course solving equations...I swear if my brain was a machine it was going to overheat.... And the exam was augh...totally terrible and horrible....I doubt if I've passed.I'm still waiting for the results and whatever would come out I'll accept it... I guess I'm used to this..what I mean is that I'm not afraid to know my results anymore....well let's just see what it would be.... i hope it wouldn't be much terrible....lol
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